Founded in Los Angeles, Acapela Modern Mex Restaurant is the creation of Cesar and Jessica De Santiago, owners of the renowned Tacos El Paisa in San Diego, California. Cesar and Jessica wanted to create a successful franchise restaurant with a much “simpler” menu without sacrificing any of the quality of El Paisa, which has been serving San Diego Mexican food lovers since 1999.


Acapela serves a vibrant authentic Mexican cuisine that never goes out of style

The special sauces with consistent award-winning quality paired with a super-simple and franchise-able menu that has proven itself in the Los Angeles market and nationally.

Cesar De Santiago expressed an interest incredibly early in their modelling and development process of utilizing a highly controlled Central Kitchen to ensure their already existing high quality, as well as to benefit significantly in reduced labor and product costs through properly scaled and placed commissaries. Once a given territory sells three to five franchise units, plans will begin to proactively reduce costs and ensure future quality through the central kitchen modelling as part of the overall development process.

The goal of the Acapela Modern Mex concept is to provide the extreme high-quality food and superior customer service to a national audience.