There are a few steps to follow before becoming a full-on business owner!

We know you’re excited to become part of the Acapela Family, and we are just as glad that you reached out to this amazing opportunity, but first, let’s talk business.

Getting to know you

The first step to start with your own Eat Acapela will be filling out a quick form that will let us know a little bit more about yourself, helping us to stay in touch with you as well.

Learn about us

We will forward you an Introductory Package (also available on our website) with information about us, our history, values, and everything you need to know about Acapela.

Meet the team

We will schedule a 30 to 60-minute Zoom meeting with one of the Acapela founders to discuss the basics and answer any questions you have. Plus, we will provide an essential kit including all the technical information you need to begin.

Focus on the details

What are your goals with Acapela? We want to know why you’re interested in franchising and why you want to join the family.

Discovery Day

We’ll meet in person for a one-on-one tour of the original Eat Acapela. Get to know the founders, our beloved team, our branding, and of course, our food!

Seal the deal

Let’s make this franchise happen. We will engage in an agreement, fill out the paperwork needed, and you will officially own an Acapela location.