Mexican food is one of the fastest growing food categories in the US. To receive our informational package:



    STARTING AS LOW AS $40,000 usd


    Cesar De Santiago expressed an interest incredibly early in their modelling and development process of utilizing a highly controlled Central Kitchen to ensure their already existing high quality, as well as to benefit significantly in reduced labor and product costs through properly scaled and placed commissaries.

    We are operating under 3 models: an “A” model, ”B” model, and “C” model. The A model will consist of 1,200 to 1,825 square feet. The B model will require of 800 to 1,200 square feet. The C model will contain a drive-through and will include 1,700 to 2,350 square feet in most cases.

    We have awesome reviews from our customer, over 1,900 satisfied customers that left positive Google Reviews

    Acapela Modern Mex Franchising is awarding exclusive franchise candidates the chance to own and operate an Acapela restaurant and take advantage of the established brand, proven, and solid business structure.

    Mexican food category is one of the fastest growing food segment in the US, take advantage of the rapid market growth and high demand


    There are a few steps to follow before becoming a full-on business owner and part of the Acapela Family

    Getting to Know You

    The first step in being awarded your own Acapela franchise will be filling out a quick form. This way we can better understand your goals and grab your contact information to setup an introductory call.

    Learn About Us

    We will forward you an Introductory Package with information about us, our history, values, and everything you need to know about Acapela.

    Meet the Team

    We will schedule a 30 to 60-minute Zoom meeting with one of the Acapela founders to discuss the basics and answer any questions you have. Plus, we will provide an essential kit including all the technical information you need to begin.

    Focus on the Details

    What are your goals with Acapela? We want to know why you’re interested in franchising and why you want to join the family.

    Discovery Day

    We’ll meet in person for a one-on-one tour of an Acapela location along with our centralized kitchen to better understand the business and operations. Get to know the founders, our beloved team, our branding, and of course, our food!

    Seal the Deal

    Let’s ink the deal! We will engage in an agreement, fill out the paperwork needed, and you will be awarded an Acapela franchise!

    Fill out the form and we will send you more information. Someone on our team will be in contact with you.

      owning a franchise restaurant

      High Operating Margins

      The restaurant business is always in demand, and Acapela has been proven to have total revenue rates in its original location.

      Simple Menu

      You can’t go wrong with delicious Mexican cuisine. Our menu items respect traditional dishes with our unique Acapela flair, elevating the flavor to the next level.

      Training Programs

      Everyone who becomes a member of the Acapela Family will receive thorough, attentive training before their first day on the job.

      Unique Business Culture

      As a Mexican Family owned establishment, we bring our values to work, treating all associates and franchisees as members of our own family: With warmth, compassion, and trust.

      Central Kitchen

      We distribute fully-prepared fresh ingredients to every Acapela location, ensuring everyone can get a taste of our iconic flavor.


      This opportunity offers a lower-tier level of investment in this industry with growth opportunities for our franchisees.


      Through a series of walkthrough videos in which you will learn the art of making quality authentic, fresh, and full-of-flavor Mexican food. We have documented every necessary recipe for your branch to be successful and hit the high note when it comes to offering everything your customers want in an authentic Mexican restaurant.

      A  Strong Industry


      Market size measured by revenue of the Mexican Restaurant industry in 2022.


      Expected increase of the market size of the Mexican Restaurants industry.

      $766,000 USD

      Anual earnings averaging approximately per restaurant of the Mexican menu type.

      Mexican Food Restaurant Franchise

      Founded in Los Angeles, Acapela Modern Mex Restaurant is the creation of Cesar and Jessica De Santiago, owners of the renowned Tacos El Paisa in San Diego, California. Cesar and Jessica wanted to create a successful franchise restaurant with a much “simpler” menu without sacrificing any of the quality of El Paisa, which has been serving San Diego Mexican food lovers since 1999.

      We’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to build the leading Mexican restaurant Franchise in the USA and join us as we continue to rapidly expand across the country.

      The time to invest in an Acapela Modern Mex franchise is now!

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